Wednesday, 29 June 2011

shades of black and white

 I still can't quite believe I have finished university. It was only a year long course (an ABC Diploma for those not in the know) but it has literally flown by. One of my favourite things about studying at UAL is the end of year period when all the degree shows are up - it's so inspiring seeing what everyone has been working on for the last year (or three in the case of the BA courses!) Here are a few shots from my last few weeks as an LCC student, mostly of work from the various degree shows....

 BA book arts (if I remember correctly) - I really love the concept of 'book' being a term that's open to interpretation. It made for a much more interesting exhibit.

 this was one of my favourite pieces, and has made me all the more eager to start my embroidered quotes up again (watch this space!)

 there was a typewriter and blank sheets of paper so people could leave comments and feedback about the exhibition - if I ever do a solo exhibition I'm totally stealing this idea!

 it's no secret that i LOVE papercuts, so naturally i fell in love with this piece - it was so unbelievably intricate. It's hard to get a sense of scale from the picture but the sheet of paper was massive (probably like A1) so the cut out wording was tiny in comparison!

 this was one of those shots that I tried but didn't think it would come out at all - it's a photograph of a film playing, recorded by a guy on super 8 film. It was a gorgeous silent short film (he had dubbed music playing over the top) and this still from it totally took my breath away.

 yeah, I'm pretty much obsessed with neon lighting in the shape of words right now

 this piece summed up for me a lot of my experiences as an art student (and as a writing student too actually!) - but where would we all be if there were no art?

i want to create a set up like this in my house one day - i love the way photos look grouped together without frames (as you can tell from the way i chose to display my work at my exhibition!)

A bittersweet post right there - happy to have completed the course (survived would be a better word) and happy to have learnt new things and made new friends and have the experience to look back on. But very sad that it's all over. I've been a student almost continually since the age of four. That's nearly eleven years as a student. Now that I'm no longer a student, it's time to work out what I want to be instead. (I use the term 'be' in the loosest possible sense, as I'm forever being asked by concerned relatives what I want to 'do' or what I want to 'be' - surely I'm already doing and being lots of things! I didn't realise I had to choose just one thing!) But I'm excited for the change, for new challenges I will inevitably face. My head is full of ideas and dreams and I want to take the next step and make some of them a reality.


  1. Lovely post Zoe, and gorgeous photos. I love neon lights in writing as well just now! xx

  2. gorgeous post, very inspirational.
    i love the idea of hand embroidered quotes too

    krystal x


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