Saturday, 21 May 2011

Festival of Britain 2011

Working in retail means bank holidays don't really mean much to me - unlike in office jobs we still have to work! But last bank holiday Monday I was lucky enough to have the day off work and, as it was so sunny and lovely looking me and my lovely friend Heather decided to go for a walk along Southbank. We didn't realise until we got there that they are currently hosting the 60th anniversary of the Festival of Britain, which meant lots of lovely things were going on....

secondhand book stalls (these are actually there most of the time!)

pretty tables and chairs

I want one of these anchor streetlights for my garden

we swung by Tate Modern to look in the bookshop at their magazine selection (we are SO cultured!) and couldn't resist having a peek at the Ai WeiWei installation before it closes.

this part of the London skyline is probably my favourite

giant fox sculpture outside the Southbank Centre

Wagamamas for lunch

there was a teeny fairground, but apparently we are 'too big' for the rides

there was bunting EVERYWHERE - seriously, I have never seen so much bunting in one place and it made me really happy!

there were about a dozen cute little beach huts along by the river, each painted and decorated in a different way

inside one of the beach huts - I want a model ship like this one so badly to use as a prop in a photo

you could sign up to join the RSPB and get a free stuffed cuddly albatross toy

random art and the prettiest pink wall

more bunting (see what I mean!)

the view from the top of the Southbank Centre roof

All in all it was the loveliest day - and you will be pleased to know that every one of these photos was taken using my film camera! I'm loving shooting almost exclusively on film, and am considering upgrading to a Canon A-1 and treating myself to some new lenses to go with it....

Hope everyone else had lovely bank holidays too - what did you all get up to?

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