Thursday, 7 April 2011

the one where i post lots of pictures of myself...

 I don't post photos of myself very often. The reasons behind this are twofold. First of all, I don't have many pictures of myself. This is due to the classic 'photographer syndrome' (as I like to call it) whereby you are always the one taking the photos, and therefore are never in the photos. Secondly, I hate being in photos. Mostly because it makes me feel uncomfortable, but partly because I don't like the idea of people seeing me when I'm not there! Which makes me sound like a crazy person, but there you go.

Bearing these points in mind, you can probably imagine my horror (yes, it was genuine horror) when we were told our next project for university was a self-portrait. If having someone else take my picture felt weird, then taking my own photo made me feel totally freaked out! I played around with lots of ideas, and then whilst browsing flickr I came across some portraits made using double exposures. Using my trusty Diana Mini and some black and white film (and a tripod of course) I played around with some self-portraits in the park, and I actually quite like the way they turned out!

 The idea was that the ghostly images would represent my desire to not be in the photos and to not be seen. I printed out copies of them by hand in the darkroom, and this ended up being one of my favourite projects so far. Sometimes it's good to go outside your comfort zone...

Oh, and so this hasn't just been a post of photos of me, here is my pupster looking like a cutie pie. The only way I can get him to look at the camera like that is to hold a treat right next to the lens. Works every time.


  1. these are so gorgeous! you should be proud! :D

  2. Love them! Awesome photos and I think they're perfect for the concept <3

  3. Hey Zoe, I love these! They're really beautiful and capture exactly what you were after.. You should definitely be super chuffed!! x


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