Wednesday, 20 April 2011

London Zine Symposium 2011

Sunday was the annual London Zine Symposium, and I paid it a visit for the first time ever. It was very busy, and I wore silly shoes which rubbed my feet, but all in all it was a lovely day out, especially as I got to spend some time with two of my most favourite people in the whole world.

One of the highlights of the day was finding an ice cream van near Spitalfields Market, and getting Mr Whippy cones (with a flake in of course!)

I also bought a few zines - not as many as I thought I would end up with, but I'm going to put that down to the fact that there were so many people in such a small space it made it almost impossible to browse...

this zine is made up of beautifully simple photos shot on film

a fanzine consisting entirely of Bill Murray illustrations and quotes (you can only guess how much I am in love with this!)

short but sweet illustrated story, with the loveliest gold embossed cover

a zine that is just a list of things the author did in a year (if i made a zine it would be made up entirely of lists)

a zine of pug illustrations - there were squeals when I found this

 plant illustrations along with little rhymes or old wives tales about them (and some very gorgeous typography to boot)

 As you can probably tell from my swag, I don't really go in for wordy zines. I like pretty illustrations and nice photos! Which is weird because I am a former writing student, and my love for the written word is ingrained deep within my being. Sometimes it's nice to  just sit back and look at something aesthetically pleasing!

Seeing all those zines has reignited my desire to create one of my own, and I think I may actually go for it now! I'm thinking maybe a wee zine featuring some of my instax photos, or my Diana Mini photos... What do you think? And what kind of zines do you like to look at?

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  1. wow these all look gorgeous! I love the Bill Murray one. I used to co-write a zine when I was about 14 with 2 other friends. We interviewed loacal and touring ska and punk bands in Exeter and sometimes London, drew silly pictures and wrote funny features and reviews. Ahh the good old days! xx


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