Thursday, 28 April 2011

dreamy days in a dreamy haze

Lately I have been shooting lots on film, which is quite unusual for me. I get really paranoid when I can't check the results instantly to see how they look and to make sure I got 'the shot.' But I'm slowly learning to let go and consequently have been taking out my beloved Canon AV-1 more and leaving my digital SLR at home. It's really liberating actually, and the excitement I feel when I got to pick up my negatives and see if the pictures came out is worth the bit of anxiety that comes with it!

Broadway Market (and the canal)

 Northala Hills

 watching the sunset from my friend's bedroom


  1. Lovely pictures Zoe, keep up with the film! xx

  2. beautiful! i'm booking you as my wedding photographer right now. i'll let you know as soon as i have a willing body for the groom position! :)

  3. these photos are beautiful, i love your compositions and style


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