Sunday, 6 February 2011

The River Thames (a project about)

 Every few weeks at university we are given a project to work on, and our first ever one (way back in October, yikes!) was on the River Thames. We could take a photo of anything we liked, as long as it linked back to the Thames in some way.

As a child/teenager my Nanny and Grandad lived by the section of the Thames near Kew Bridge, and me and my sisters used to spend a lot of time there, scouring the mudflats for 'treasure' and feeding the birds and geese that lived there. I knew immediately that this was the part of the river I wanted to focus on, so when there was a rare day of sunshine I went down to Kew Bridge to snap some photos.

 I treated myself to chips at this pub right on the river, and sat outside as it was such a beautiful day. The cutest dog was sitting at the table next to me, and I got chatting to his owner. It's funny but before my family got our dog Jasper I would never have dreamed of talking to a stranger just because they had a dog, even though I have always loved dogs. But since we have a dog of our own I feel almost obligated to ask the dog's name, breed, age, and so on!

 This area (and almost any area by the Thames I should imagine) is quite upmarket, and there are some amazing houses by the riverside. When I own my own house I'm going to have a bright aqua front door with a lovely big doorknocker.

Although my tutors didn't like the image I submitted (they never do, but more on that in another post!) I had a wonderful day getting covered in mud and enjoying being outside in a place that holds so many memories for me.

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