Saturday, 23 October 2010

Lazy Oaf Drawing Club at the Tate Modern

As many of you will already know I work for the most awesome company ever, called Lazy Oaf. During the summer we put on a Drawing Club at the Tate Modern, to encourage visitors to the gallery to sit down and create their very own masterpiece.

the wall (which kept trying to fall down!)

the rules

drawings by some of our lovely visitors

EWAN MCGREGGOR DREW THIS!!! (not even joking!)

colleaged images by Zeroten

Batman drawing courtesy of Joe Baglow

and of course a self portrait (plus a random doodle) by Lazy Oaf's creator Gemma Shiel

All in all it was a lovely day with lots of lovely people stopping by. Everyone got really into, from really young children up to grandparents. I wish I'd taken more photos of people actually drawing.... I always get too shy to take pictures of people I don't know!

PS. I have the best job in the world, right?!


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