Sunday, 24 October 2010

Go, go, go Zoe, it's your birthday....

As I've already mentioned on my blog, it was my birthday in August, and I was 24. In order to celebrate this momentous occasion properly I had a whole week of fun and games with my nearest and dearest. On my actual birthday myself and my family went for a 'tacky day out by the sea' (my very words) in Southend-on-Sea. It was pretty darn magical, and I felt like a giant child.

milkshakes for breakfast

I got chocolate

Tatty Devine brooch (an early birthday gift from a lovely friend)

tacky souvenir shops are my favourite thing ever

followed closely by rock shops

I collect postcards

so many forms of rock in one place (plus LOVE the typography!)

stocking up on the good stuff

view from my deckchair

birthday jumping obviously (PS. take note of the sailor girl hat I forced my parents to buy me as I didn't feel nautical enough to be beside the sea)

All in all one of the best days EVER. I heart my family so much and don't say it enough. They've stuck by me for 24 years so they must be pretty cool right?

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  1. I have a wild love for tacky souvenir shops and tacky souvenirs. It's crazy. I found your blog last night & I'm glad I did! Will be reading you :)


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