Friday, 4 June 2010

Pugs Not Drugs

At the moment I am pretty obsessed with Gemma Correll. I have her 'Pugs Not Drugs' tote bag AND t-shirt. Oh, and I would quite happily steal her boyfriend/pug puppy (called Mr Norman Pickles)/drawing abilities. But right now I am mostly in love with her 'daily drawings' which are basically an illustrated version of a diary. And they're bloody hilarious.

PS. Am I the only person who gets insanely jealous of other people's lives? Not famous people (although if I could swap loves with Jenny Lewis I totally would), but just other bloggers or artists. Currently top of the list for people whose lives I'd steal are Gemma Correll and Elsie Flannigan of A Beautiful Mess blog fame. Sad, I know. But I think it's kind of like when you are at school and there are the cool kids, and everyone wants to be them, or at least be friends with them. And the things they like are always the 'in' things... I was never one of those cool kids, I was always the one wanting to be like the cool kids! Somehow I was always one step behind on trends though. Some things never change....

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  1. Love those illustrations - they are so cool!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog - just to let you know I am having a followers giveaway and to enter you just need to become a follower!
    Have a great day!


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