Wednesday, 10 February 2010

List 2: things I am a little bit addicted to

As promised (I'm all about keeping promises... sometimes) here is the second installment of my weekly list based blog post. This list is things I am a bit addicted to. There are quite a lot of things, I have an addictive personality, and my addictions change regularly.... but ah well...

1. First up is a pretty obvious one... my name is Zoe, and I'm addicted to making lists. All kinds of lists. To do lists, lists of things I like, lists of places to visit, lists of recipes to try... I so badly want the Listography book (it's on my Amazon Wish List but as yet no-one has bought me one. Sad face.)
2. My Fujifilm Instax Mini. Seriously, it goes with me everywhere and I LOVE IT! So far my instant photo a day has been going pretty well... No doubt I will get bored of it pretty soon, but for now I'm all about the instant. (isn't it pretty - I have the same one in the picture.)

3. Car boot sales. Anyone who knows me knows there is nothing in life I enjoy more than a good old fashioned rummage, and the thrill of finding a bargain. Boots sales are the ultimate. I have been known to peruse the odd charity shop, but it's just not the same. I'm thinking about writing a 'tricks of the trade' post sharing some of my tips to getting the best out of your bargain hunting. Interested?

4. Edamame beans. I get them from Pret for lunch, cold with nothing on them. Or the ones from Wagamama with chilli and salt on them. Either way, they are the best.

(the picture below is of this Japanese toy, called 'Mugen Edamame' which means Endless Edamame. It's so people can get the pleasure of popping out a little bean whenever they want. It even has its own webpage! Although the fact they have faces on them creeps me out. A lot.)

5. Magazines. All types. Fashion, lifestyle, home decor. Doesn't even matter whether they are in English or not. I have to keep this addiction seriously under check. My favourite ever is Lula, which fortunately only comes out biannually. So beautiful though. I also love Japanese fashion magazines - they are so nice to look at. Oh and craft magazines like Sew Hip.

One day I hope to have as many magazines as Missy... apparently this is only a small portion of her stash!

6. Starbucks. Oh boy, do I love Starbucks. Soya chai tea latte is my drink of choice, though in summer I usually switch to iced soya vanilla lattes. I hate to think how much money I spend in that place. Even though I limit myself to one a day, it adds up to scary amounts during the period of a month. Oh well.

That's all for now. Tomorrow I am hoping to have a much needed day off, so will try to put together an inspiration post.

Loves xxx

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